We decided to figure out why the iPhone 14 mini will never come out. We tell you about it in this article.

Ahead of the release of the iPhone 14, Apple has been upset with the news that it won’t be releasing the iPhone 14 mini. We decided to look into why this was the case and what didn’t please the small budget-friendly device.

Why the iPhone 14 mini won’t come out

Why won’t there be an iPhone 14 mini?

iPhone 14 mini

The company showed off the first mini model in 2020. The variation came out in the iPhone 12 lineup. It soon became clear that it had very low sales.

After two months of trading, reports showed that the iPhone 12 mini had a sales share of only 6%. In comparison, the iPhone 12 accounted for 27%, while the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max got 20% each.

The new flagship device was behind even older models such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR in sales.

The situation with the iPhone 13 mini was even worse. This variation came out in the fall of 2021 and had improved features and functions. But despite this, reports showed that sales of the mini model were only 3%.

Price comparison and features features

Most consumers don’t understand why a phone with a smaller screen costs the same as a regular phone. Manufacturers have added different features and benefits to the mini’s features that other models don’t have, but apparently, consumers don’t pay attention to this. People think that device with a large screen has more status and quality.

Here is a comparison of the prices of currently available iPhones:

iPhone SE: from $429 (64GB);
iPhone 11: from $499 (64 GB);
iPhone 12 mini: from $599 (64GB);
iPhone 12 : from $699 (64GB);
iPhone 13 mini : from $699 (128GB);
iPhone 13 : from $799 (128GB);
iPhone 13 Pro : from $999 (128GB);
iPhone 13 Pro Max: from $1099 (128GB).

What iPhone 14 models will be released?

As it has become clear, the iPhone 14 mini will not be released, according to a number of reports and rumors that Apple is not testing the model. The new series should include the iPhone 14 in sizes (6.1 and 6.7 inches), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.1 and 6.7 inches).

This means two things: the company will reduce the size of the devices from three to two, and the smallest smartphone will be the 6.1-inch iPhone 14.

The iPhone 13 mini may stay in the sale and will likely get cheaper, with a possible $599 price tag. Incidentally, the mini format could still return, but as the iPhone SE. And the iPhone 14 series will be the beginning of the release of devices without the classic mini format.

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