To see someone’s activity on Instagram, you must be a follower of the person, so you can see the latest things posted on their profile and when they were last active on Instagram from the Direct Messages section of Instagram.

There are many alternative ways to view someone’s activity, such as checking recent posts and stories, or checking who they’ve been following recently.

To see someone’s activity on Instagram, you can simply check their public profile and view their posts on their account.

This will be an easy way to look up someone’s account without being a friend or follower.
All these ways are a bit exhausting and time-consuming, but they are interesting. After all, to gain something we have to lose something, like this.

In this article, you will be able to see someone’s activity on Instagram without violating their privacy.

Initially, there was a tab called “Activities” on Instagram to search for the activities of the people you want. Activities like: what that person must like, who they have recently started following, and many more.

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How to see someone’s activity on Instagram:

How to view someone's activity on Instagram
How to view someone’s activity on Instagram

Yes, you can view another person’s activity in several ways:

Following that person:

From DM: Go to the Direct Message tab and you can see if the person is online or when they were last active on Instagram.

You can see the online/offline activity of a particular person only after enabling their activity status. To enable their business status go to Settings> Privacy> Activity Status> Enable Activity Status.

What Instagram allows you to see:

If you’re a follower of a private account, you can see everything they post, including photos or videos on their profile, and in the case of a public profile, you can do the same without being friends or followers of the person.

The most surprising tab is the “Exploring Tab“. In this tab, you can see everything that is small in comparison to the basics of your interest, be it fashion rollers, upcoming movies or series, fashionable clothing or makeup style, or anything else.

You can:

  • Mention or tag your friend or anyone in your stories, posts, or memes.
  • Write comments below the post and stories.
  • View and like what your friends and your favorite person have uploaded.
  • Directly share the post in your story.
  • Make a video for a song your favorite celebrity recorded
  • Click on images with different filters.
  • Create a video or a Boomerang.
  • Live stream and upload your story.
  • Also, share the story/status only with selected “Close Friends” only.

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How to see someone’s activity without being friends:

Looking at someone’s profile basically means spying on them, following their recent posts and looking at their stories. Also, to see their activity, you can go to the mentioned section on that person’s profile to find out who mentioned them on what occasion and events.

To follow someone just do 3-4 taps, which are, go to Explore page> tap the search bar> type the name (name of the person you want to search), below it will open all the accounts with that name> tap the target account> tap follow.

There are two types of profiles on Instagram: PRIVATE & PUBLIC.

🏷 Private profile:
Individuals keep their Instagram profiles private. To view private profile activity you must first send them a “Follow request”. If they accept your follow request, you will be able to view the person’s activity in the same way.

🏷 Public profile:
For the most part, celebrities, influencers, and brands keep their Instagram profiles public. To see the activity of these people, you don’t need to send any follow request, you can directly go to the search bar and find the person and then you can see their activities on Instagram, for example, videos or images they have posted. their Instagram profile.

Check the list of followers and followers of the person.

There are two ways to check someone’s follower and follower list:

You can check someone’s followers and followers list by going to that person’s Instagram profile (in the app) and in the followers and followers section, you can check. In the follower section, you will be able to see the people who follow them and in the next section, you will be able to see the people they follow. But the problem here is that you will have to scroll all the lists down to see the recent addition and reduction in the followers and followers list {the solution to this process is one point below}.

You can also check someone’s followers and follower list by logging into Instagram in web browsers. Log in to a web browser to fix the above time-consuming scrolling and verification issue. The process is the same as above but the only advantage of the web is that at the top of the list itself you will see the recent addition and a reduction of followers and followers of the profile.
followers and followers on Instagram

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Check if it is online or if it was last active.

With a recent update, you can see the person’s online status and last active status on Instagram.

By going to the direct messages tab, you can see if the person is online or when they were last active on Instagram.

Online is indicated by a bold green dot below the profile picture, similarly, the last active time is shown below the name in the direct message section.

But you can only see the online/offline status of a certain person when you have enabled your activity status.

To enable their activity status go to Settings > Privacy > Activity status > enable activity status.


This article explains the ways you can follow to check someone’s Instagram activity. For both private and public profiles, you can use the different methods mentioned above to check recent activity.

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