At the annual press conference for developers WWDC 2022, we were presented with the updated iOS 16. This update received a huge number of new features that you can lose your head. We decided to tell you about the 10 most brilliant features in one article. And you can read about macOS 13 features in our other article.

The brand new lockscreen of iOS 16.

New iOS 16 features

Cupertino took inspiration from Material You in Android and definitely redesigned it. The updated Lockscreen is a puzzle, which, in turn, the user will be able to create their own piece by piece. Something similar to the creation of a new watch face in watchOS, only with more improvements.

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Interactive widgets

New iOS 16 features

The new widgets on LockScreen can keep track of game scores, your workout progress, real-time weather, and more. Developers can use the API to create services with interactive widgets.

Live Text in Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian iOS 16

In support of Ukraine, Apple has added Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian languages to Live Text. This is stunning news because you will be able to copy, paste, and scan text from photos and videos and in real-time from the camera, translate it into any language of the world.

Removing the background without third-party services

New iOS 16 features

Now you do not need third-party applications in order to cut the doggie or any other element of the photo. You simply pinch the image in the standard Photos app, and the AI will cut it out for you, then you can send the finished png in messages, or insert it in your notes. It’s a masterpiece: marketers, designers, and advertisers will be over the moon because you can forget about third-party apps.

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CarPlay in a whole new way

New iOS 16 features

The way Apple has updated CarPlay is great. They’ve redesigned the interface beyond recognition. It’s now customizable for any car model. There are variations of the dashboard with classic and futuristic designs, widget settings, the ability to control certain elements of the car, and much more. The first cars with the new CarPlay will be available in 2023.

Improved Apple Home app

New iOS 16 features

All-new service interface, new widgets, HomeKit smart device categories. Support for Matter protocol, new accessories, and diagrams. This service has received a major update in recent years.

Personalization of spatial sound iOS 16

An update to help personalize the listening experience with a new level of spatial sound. The user will be able to apply the front camera to make their profile correct and adjust the sound definitely for themselves.

FaceID in landscape mode

FaceID now works in landscape mode. Very comfortable, especially if you are watching a movie or playing a new game in the Apple Arcade.

Quick note

In iOS, you can create a quick note. This feature was first presented on iPadOS 15 and macOS 12, and now it has been added to the iPhone. But it is not as comfortable as on the same Mac or iPad, where you can pull it from the bottom right corner.

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Share keys via messaging

In the previous iOS, Apple added the ability to store hotel rooms or car keys in Wallet. From now on, anyone will be able to share a hotel room key from Wallet. The key can be transferred through the app messages, mail, WhatsApp AirDrop, and other services. As Apple assures us, this solution is completely secure.

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