Here is a Guide on how to install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 computer. Even though Internet Explorer is not as popular as its glory days, computer users prefer to use Internet Explorer as a default browser. As Microsoft Edge replaces the Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10, there are many reasons that the traditional users still look forward to downloading the Internet Explorer. Like to Install Firefox, chrome, or any other browser with the help of Internet explorer. Now there is the various way you can install the Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

There are times when most users find it hard to open the Internet Explorer on their PC, and in numerous cases, they can’t find the Internet Explorer when they newly installed Windows 10 or any other operating system into your PC. One of the things we don’t necessarily recognize is that Internet Explorer is disabled in Windows 10.

Is Internet Explorer missing on Windows 10?

Even though it’s the most common mistake made by the user, they initially think that the Internet Explorer is missing or not installed. It’s just that either it’s not enabled and or have no idea how to enable it. You also have to note that when you do a new installation of the Windows 10 OS on your device. The Updation to newer version could also find the Internet Explorer missing or unpinned from the taskbar of your device.

Now the Biggest Question most users are curious about, So is Microsoft Edge the Latest version of the Internet Explorer? No, guys, it’s not the same. Microsoft Edge is the new browser launched in 2015 by Microsoft. Even though with the release of Windows 10 and Microsoft want to start with the Microsoft Edge Browser as a default browser, you can totally activate the Internet explorer by just following these easy Quicksteps.

Install Internet Explorer On Windows

How To Easily Access The Internet Explorer

Pin to Taskbar Initially, the Internet Explorer is probably installed in most case scenarios, even if it is updated to Windows 10 later. So, you can Check out the Internet explorer via the Start menu or search bar and pin it to the taskbar.

  • Search for Internet Explorer through the search bar.
  • Once the Internet Explorer Icon is Displayed, you can select the Internet Explorer by right-clicking you will get the Dropdown Menu
  • From there, select the Pin to Task Bar, From the Start Menu

Next method to find the Internet Explorer on the Windows 10

  • Select the Start button on the left corner of the Computer and select the All Apps Option.
  • You can find the Windows Accessories Folder from the App list under the “W” and select it.
  • So from there, you can find the Internet Explorer and the “Pin to Taskbar” as mentioned above.

So the above mentioned is only applicable if the Internet Explorer is pre-installed on the Computer, and also you can confirm by following the necessary steps that if the Internet Explorer is Installed or not installed in your system.

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Install Internet Explorer on Windows 10

So, if you couldn’t find Internet Explorer in any way from the start menu or through the Search menu, the next step is to install the Internet Explorer. you need to start with control panel.

  • You can find the Control Panel by right-clicking the Start Button.
  • Once the control panel opens, you are required to find the Program and Features and select the icon
  • On the left panel of the Programs and Features windows, you will find the Turn Windows Features On or Off icon.
  • Once you select the Turn Windows Features On or Off, you can find the list of Programs and Features available on the Computer and in the checker box near Internet Explorer 11.
  • Select the checker box to tick mark it and select ok to install the Internet Explorer to the Computer.
  • Once the Internet Explorer is Installed, to get easily accessible access, Pin to Taskbar.

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