Instagram is the most popular app for sharing photos/videos with friends, and it looks even better in dark mode. ( Instagram in dark mode ) Compared to what it was just a few years ago, Instagram has quickly transformed into a social media powerhouse. The mainstream of photos and videos is still there, at the heart of the app’s experience, but it’s also much more than that. Between Instagram Stories, reels, in-app purchases, and more, there’s a lot going on.

Like many other apps these days, dark mode is one of the many components of Instagram. When it’s dark or the white background gets too tiring, dark mode is there to give all eyes a break. It’s a feature found on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Apple Music, and even as a general setting in most operating systems.

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How to use Instagram in dark mode on iPhone?

Instagram in dark mode

In the case of a dark mode on Instagram for iPhone, activating the feature is fairly straightforward. Rather than enabling a toggle in the Instagram app itself, Instagram says that dark mode is handled by iOS’ own dark mode settings. Open the Instagram app Settings on the iPhone, scroll down, tap “Theme,” and then tap the “Dark” option at the top of the screen. The iOS menus and all supported apps – including Instagram – then switch to a stealthy dark background. If manually switching from light to dark mode becomes too tedious, it’s also possible to set dark mode to an automatic routine. Tap the switch next to “Automatic,” then tap “Options” to choose when dark mode is turned on/off. From there, users can choose “From sunset to sunrise” or “Custom schedule”.

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How to use Instagram in dark mode on Android?

For the Instagram Android app, it follows the same process of adhering to Android’s system-wide dark mode. The exact steps may look slightly different depending on which Android phone someone is using, but the basic process is as follows: Open the app Settings, tap “Theme,” and then tap “Dark.” Users can tap the “Enable” button to manually turn on dark mode, but just like iOS, there are also options to schedule it. Tap “Schedule” at the top of the screen and choose one of two options, “Activates at a custom time” or “Activates from sunset to sunrise.” Whenever Android’s dark theme engages, the Instagram app will also highlight its dark mode.

There is one key advantage to Instagram’s dark mode on Android, and that is that dark mode can be enabled for Instagram without changing the system theme. Open the Instagram app, tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen, tap the three lines at the top right, tap “Settings,” tap “Theme,” and tap “Dark” to only change Instagram to dark mode. If users want the app to respect their system settings, make sure this option is reset to “System Default”.

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