You can loop YouTube videos on mobile, using iPhone or Android, on the YouTube mobile app. Even though tons of new music and video streaming platforms are now available in the market, Youtube will remain forever the original, as many users still enjoy using youtube.

Do You Find It Difficult To Loop Youtube Videos On Android Phone Or Tablet, It has everything that keeps pulling its users back to it, like the news, current updates, tutorials, newest releases, memes, vines, and not to mention that top ten haunted series in every genre that exists on the planet? All you have to type into the search engine what you are looking for, and it pulls the correct one out of the thousand other things. With apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, or amazon music emerging into the mainstream, YouTube remains among the top streaming services available.

But the frequent users look forward to certain features to be included in YouTube like sometimes you have to replay videos manually every time you are using a smartphone. Since youtube doesn’t offer a loop mode in the app, they provide it in the browser. So here we will guide you through how to loop a video in youtube on an android phone and Tablet.

So looping mode is a feature in Youtube that cannot be easily distinguished in Android Phone or table as you can’t right-click in the app like in a browser, but if we tell you where to start and what to do? And then it is a pretty hassle-free process.

How to Loop YouTube Videos on Android Mobile

How to Loop YouTube Videos on Android Phone
How to Loop YouTube Videos on Android Mobile
  • By using a Chrome Browser
  • By Creating a Playlist
  • Listen on Repeat app

Loop YouTube Videos By using a Chrome Browser.

So if you are an Android phone or a tablet user, this is the simplest process to loop a video in YouTube through the Google Chrome Browser.

  • On your Android phone or a tablet,  Open the Chrome browser.
  • You can search for Youtube in the Chrome Browser and once it opens, find the video you want to loop.
  • Play the video on the Youtube site opened in the browser.
  • In the right corner of the currently playing video, you will find the 3- dot Menu Icon and select it.
  • Now in the 3-dot menu, find and select the Request Desktop site Option.
  • Now make sure to play the video as the site reloads in desktop mode on your Android phone.
  • Now on the video that is playing, we suggest that you long press on it to open the Video Options menu, and from there, you will find the Loop and select the option.

So now, as the Loop is set, you can watch the video that is played repeatedly.

 Loop YouTube Videos By Creating a Playlist

As an avid Youtube user, I think this is by far the easiest way to create a loop video in the Loop by creating a playlist.

  • You can start by opening the Youtube on the device and check out the video that is to be looped.
  • Select the video while it is playing, find the 3- dot icon in the left corner of the video, and from the drop-down menu, you can select the Add to Playlist option.
  • Now you will find the Create new playlist and select it.
  • Once you select the Create new playlist, a pop-up screen appears, and in there, fill in a name for the Playlist.
  • Next, you can prefer whether you want the Playlist to be private or public, and lastly, select one Done to save your Playlist on YouTube.
  • Once you create the Playlist in the YouTube app, go to the home screen, and next, you can check out the right corner of your screen to find the Library icon and select it.
  • In the Library, you will find the Playlist that you just saved and select the Playlist to play it.
  • Now, as the Playlist is playing, you will find the down arrow near the Playlist name, and then there is a loop icon click on it.

Please do note that you should log in to your YouTube Account via your  Google Account.

If you have followed the earlier instructions, the videos will be playing until you stop the Loop or close the YouTube App.

Loop YouTube Videos By using Listen on Repeat App

  • The last and final method is to use a Third-party app called Listen on Repeat App to download from the Google Play Store on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • In your Android phone, search for the Listen on Repeat App from the Google Play store.
  • Select the Listen on Repeat App to download it.
  • Now, as the Listen on Repeat App opens, you can check out the search icon and check out the video to be played on Loop on your smartphone.
  • Once you find the video from the search list, you want to listen repeatedly and select the video.
  • The video will start repeatedly playing till you stop the Loop or close  the app

Wrapping up

If you find the methods mentioned above on looping the YouTube videos on Android helpful Share our link and Comment Below, these are the simplest and hassle-free processes to play YouTube videos in a loop. You can also check out How to Recover Unsaved Word Documents on macOS.

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