When you decide to purchase an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you want to access it from anywhere, right? Unfortunately, some content on Fire TV is region-locked, meaning that you can’t access it from certain locations.

If you’re traveling a lot, that doesn’t sound good. Especially when you need something to watch to pass time while on a 7-hours flight. 

Luckily enough, VPN exists to help “mask” your identity and allow you to continue streaming from anywhere in the world without fuss.  

How Does VPN Work?

Before we dive deeper, let’s take a moment to really understand how VPN works. Every browser has a unique IP address to set it apart from other browsers. The server can tell from which part of the world you are thanks to your IP address.

VPN disguises your location simply by changing your IP address to a specific location that you’ve set before. 

Is it legal, though? While we’re not law experts, some countries don’t actually have any certain rule that restricts users to stream content using a VPN. Even if somehow the service providers find out that you’re using a VPN, they’ll just tell you to turn it off and disable the content.     

How to Install a Free VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Currently, there are only two possible ways you can install a VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick, which are through Amazon app store and APK download. 

However, note that the first generation of Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t support VPN. If you’re unsure which generation your current Fire TV belongs to, a simple Google search can do the trick.

1. Amazon app store

The easiest way to install a free VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick is to directly download it from the Amazon app store.

Amazon app store

Just simply open the app, search for the intended VPN, and install it on your Fire TV. The problem with this, however, is the fact that your favorite VPN might not be available on the Amazon app store. If that’s the case, try the second way.

2. APK file download

If the VPN of your choosing doesn’t have a dedicated Fire TV app, you can opt to manually download an APK file of the VPN from its official website. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Amazon Fire TV Stick and go to the Settings
  2. Click on My Fire TVDeveloper Options
  3. Turn on Allow Apps from Unknown Sources
  4. Go to your Amazon app store, and search for the app Downloader
  5. Install and launch the Downloader app
  6. Find the link of the APK file from the intended VPN’s website
  7. Fill in the link in the Downloader app and install it 
  8. Go to your Fire TV again →  Settings Applications Manage Installed Applications
  9. Find the VPN and launch it
Downloader app

There you go, now you can stream videos from anywhere without restrictions. 

Free VPN Recommendations 

There are hundreds of different free VPNs out there. However, not all free VPNs are created equal. Some are compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, while some others don’t. Some offer fast connections, but low data privacy protection.

Thankfully, you don’t need to try them one by one, as we have 3 free VPN recommendations worth trying.


Most VPN testers out there agree that Windscribe is one of the best free VPNs for Amazon Fire TV Stick. The free version offers a stable internet connection, though a bit slower compared to its paid version.

One key selling point of this VPN is its 10 GB monthly limit, which is quite a lot for a free service. The free version also supports up to 11 countries, more than most free VPN services can offer. 


If you live in the US, Japan, or the Netherlands, consider using ProtonVPN. The biggest pros of this VPN are the average connection speed of 66 Mbps and tons of security tools that you can use, even if you’re a free user.

Hotspot Shield

One of the most popular free VPNs on the market today, Hotspot Shield offers an internet connection that’s faster than any other VPN provider. Its friendly user interface, along with torrenting and P2P file sharing makes it a must-have VPN for your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Wrap Up

Installing a free VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite easy if you are know how. Simply pick one of the three VPN recommendations that we suggest, and then install it on your Fire TV via the Amazon app store or APK file download.

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