How To Fix the PS4 Controller Charging Issue?

One of the most common problems that an ardent PS4 Gamer has to face in his gaming career is the malfunction of the PS4 controller. Imagine that an avid gamer finds that his controller has turned off during the gaming session and it doesn’t charge. What can be a more horrendous situation that a gamer has to experience than this?

There can be various reasons for the controller charging error. So there is not a definite solution to fix the controller. But there are some of the common troubleshooting methods that are summed up by the netizens that are mentioned in this post.

How To Fix the PS4 Controller Charging Issue

Reset the settings of your PS4 controller

Pressing the Reset button of your PS4 controllers is the simplest solution to fix the problem. What happens when the reset button is pressed? Resetting will restore all previous settings to the factory defaults. Now to reset the PS4 controller you have to find the reset hole on the back of your controller device. This reset hole can be found on the backside of the right handle of your PS4 controller. Palace a safety pin inside the reset hole and press it to start the reset function

Supply Power to USB Ports of your PS4 Station

You can also let your PS4 provide power for the controller when connected to the USB Port. to do this you have to enable the “Supply power to USB Ports” option on the settings of your PS4.
Open the Settings, go to Device-> Power Saving Settings. Here set the functions available in rest mode and enable the “Supply Power to USB Ports”.

Replace/Repair the Charging Cable

A common problem among various battery-operated gadgets- the charging cable experiences wear & tear throughout usage. Then there is a possibility that the problem lies on the charging cable rather than on the controller. To check if the cable is in working condition, try to connect it to another controller. The controller will charge its power if there is no problem with the cable, if the cable doesn’t charge the power then the PS4 controller is at fault. Here you can try replacing the old charging cable with a new one.

Hardwire Charging Cable directly to PS4 controller battery

In the previous solution, the charging cable was responsible for the problem in the PS4 controller. But in another case, it is not the problem with the charging cable but with the charging port instead. Due to excessive charging or any other reason, the charging port may be damaged and your controller can’t be charged. So the solution to this problem is to replace your PS4 controller with a new one or if you have experience in fixing hardware problems then you can hardwire the charging cable bypassing the charging port to your battery.
Note that there is no guarantee that this method will work, although some users have worked out with this solution. You can also search about this method on Youtube.

Charging the PS4 controller upside down

This method might sound funny, but charging upside-down has worked with many PS4 players. If the controller charging doesn’t turn on during charging, then try to charge the controller upside down.

Replace the battery of your PS4 controller

The PS4 controller runs on a Lithium-ion battery. Although the latest Lithium-ion battery has the best advantages compared to other portable device batteries it still has a limited number of charging cycles. Throughout usage and charging its power capacity gets reduced. So it is advisable to replace the battery after a certain period or when you find a decline in the controller performance.

Cooldown your overheating PS4 controller

Many electronic devices heat up over excessive usage. The PS4 controller is no exception as it also heats up due to excessive gaming. Overheating due to riding temperature in electric circuits can cause damage to the circuit itself and in some cases, this can also cause fire, explosion, and injury, etc. if you find the controller heats up due to excessive gaming, then try to wrap the controller in a plastic fold and place it inside a freezer for 5-10 minutes. Now try to plug in the controller to your PS4 and check if the problem is still there.


These are some of the methods to fix the PS4 controller not charging issue. You need to experiment with your controller with each of the methods and observe if the charging issue is fixed or not. Among these methods Resetting the Controller is the most simple trick to fix the charging issue. If the problem is caused by a malfunctioning charging cable try to replace it with a new one, and if the charging port is damaged then you can find a repairman to solve this issue or simply buy a new controller. Replacing the battery is also an option if you are using the controller to indulge in excessive gaming over a certain period.

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