Check Twitch Chat Logs and History During a live stream, users can communicate with their viewers via Twitch Chat; Twitch is a platform that allows players to play games and watch live streams. You must be familiar with what your viewers discuss while live streaming, which you can do through chat logs. Keeping an eye on Twitch Chat logs while watching a live stream makes it easy to monitor your audience or viewers.

As you conduct your talks on the live stream, you can watch how your audience reacts. In addition, you will also be able to get a glimpse of the behavior of the viewers. You can monitor the chat for any suspicious activity, and then the person can be banned or suspended without a problem. The feature also makes your conversations considerably more interactive.

Streamers who wonder how to view Twitch chat logs and check chat logs need not be concerned. We are going to learn about the best way to check Twitch chat logs using this article.

Check Twitch Chat Logs

Ways To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Various ways are using which you can quickly check your Twitch logs. Given below are some methods which can help you check Twitch Chat logs.

How to search chat logs on Twitch

Using the search command is the easiest way to search Twitch chat logs. During a live broadcast, you can quickly check what your viewers are saying using the search command. You can enter the command user in the chatbox of your channel to review the chat log with the search command.

Upon typing the command, you will receive information about the current chat from the user. In addition to checking all the messages a user has left on a channel, you can create the number of times they are banned from the chat and the time the user’s account, and you can also look at comments the moderator has left on the user’s profile.

It is essential to understand that you cannot view comments whose moderators have assassinated them. The purpose of this method is to isolate the punishment time.

Replay your old videos streams

The Twitch chat logs are available through the streams you made on Twitch. It will be possible for you to see all the messages and chats left by users on your channel when you use this method. Additionally, you can view any messages that your channel’s moderator has deleted.

When you play your videos, you can review a chat from a channel member who has been suspended from your channel. Although you will have to watch all of the chat logs at once, the process can be very exhausting.

Using bots to view Twitch chat logs and message history

Numerous Twitch chatbots are available that let you check Twitch chat logs. The chatbot moderates and filters your chat, allowing you to browse through it more easily. Also, these chatbots will enhance your users’ experience by adding lots of unique features.

Checking the messages left on your channel with an automatic chatbot is one of the fastest ways to do so. Monitoring your conversation can be made easier with apps like Nightbots.

Is it possible to view Twitch chat logs by the user as a moderator?

The chat logs of every subscriber on your channel will be available to you if you are the channel moderator. When you are viewing your stream, you can click on the username of the person who contacted you. As a moderator, you can access this feature by clicking the sword icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

In the role of moderator, you may see the entire history of chats between that person and them and any messages from these sessions. In addition to checking their ban history, you can check how often they have timed out. As a bonus, you can see any comments left by moderators and check the bans, reports, and timeouts placed on users.

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I started by giving you cool reasons you ought to check your Twitch chat logs occasionally. I then documented the Four different ways to see your Twitch chat history then later discussed various ways to download Twitch chat logs. You can easily check the chat logs if you use the methods listed above. I hope you liked this article. Please, Feel free to share it with your friends.

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