Solutions to Fix Whatsapp not Showing the Send Option on iPhone Today there are around 2 billion active users of Whatsapp in the world. It is like a part of our life. So, many problems may arise within the app for the users. And one such problem is the missing of ‘send option’ while planning to send a file or some document to another person. I have 3 solutions for you which are simple ones so that anyone can follow them. Next time if you find such a problem in your Whatsapp keep these hacks in mind and fix it.

  • Whatsapp must be updated.
  • As a zip file, provide the document or photo.
  • Whatsapp should be uninstalled and then reinstalled.

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How to Fix Whatsapp not Showing the Send Option

Fix Whatsapp not Showing the Send Option

these are the steps you should try when you find the issue on your WhatsApp account

Whatsapp must be updated

  • Visit the Appstore.
  • In the search bar, enter Whatsapp.
  • Then open the app page and under the app name, there will be an Open or Update option.
  • Only click Update if it’s there, and wait until to finish downloading.
  • Just open and check WhatsApp to find out the send button. Nearly 90% of the time, we don’t find the send button is because of any can be fixed by updating the app.
  • The problem can persist if the updating option is unavailable. So either try the next hack to get around the problem or can wait to get a new release of update in Whatsapp. If this too is not working then follow the third approach.

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Attach the document or image as a Zip file.

This is not a long-term fix, though. It’s a simple workaround for sharing files when Whatsapp’s transmit option is unavailable. The strategy in particular works well with documents and photographs.

Take a look at the instructions for creating a Zip file shortcut on your iPhone at first and then follow the steps.

  • Go to the Files app and open it.
  • Then long press in the file and select Share.
  • Go down to the Zip shortcut you made in the Share Sheet and click it.
  • Tap Save after selecting the folder where you want to share the file.
  • To access the contextual menu, go to the Zip file and long-press it.
  • Choose the Whatsapp recipient’s name from the Share menu.
  • To share the file, simply tap Send.

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Reinstall WhatsApp after uninstalling it.

To resolve situations like this you need to take some important steps to make out the problem. Anyway make an iCloud backup, so that data will be safe.

For that, the first step is to select Whatsapp and hold the icon and then select the options’ Delete’ and then ‘Confirm: respectively. Return to the Appstore and reinstall the app.

WhatsApp’s send button vanished following a recent update. As a result, I recommend that you exert some patience and wait for the problem to be addressed in future releases. You can use the Zip method to transfer documents and photographs till then.

These are the methods I tried earlier. If you have any recommendations on this, don’t forget to share them in the comments.

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