Fix USB Keyboard not recognized in Windows 10 One of the worst things that can happen to a computer user is dealing with keyboard issues. Since Keyboard is an essential part of a PC or Laptop, it is vital to perform significant functions like run commands, input information, communication interface, and Shortcut Key that faster access to complete specific functions.

Now, what if your USB Keyboard stops working, well are you going to wait till you get the Keyboard to the nearest service center? Here is an easy Guide to save your time and learn something new.

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How to Fix USB Keyboard Not Recognized in Windows 10

Fix USB Keyboard not Recognized
  • First things first, check if your Keyboard is damaged; now, most common among a keyboard malfunctioning is physical damage can be caused to the Keyboard. Since a USB Keyboard is highly sensitive, it is wise to inspect the body and connectors for any sign of damage.
  • Check out if you are using a wireless keyboard, whether the Battery is low, and make sure your battery is charged or change the Battery if needed.
  • Make sure to check if the Drivers are not missing or Outdated. For every computer part to function together, driver updates are needed. So simply, if your driver is missing or outdated, well, the device may not work.
  • Check out if the Keyboard is plugged in the correct USB port; if it doesn’t fit, You are using the wrong USB port, which may also damage it.
  • So windows 10 comes with a power-saving setting and has a function to deactivate the inactive device automatically, which may turn off your Keyboard. So keep in mind to Configure your power setting properly.
  • Well, next to look out for is Windows 10 has a “Windows 10’s Filter Key Bug,” so this is a widely used feature that can hinder the Keyboard from typing on the login screen. To resolve this, Windows 10 updates have been released by Microsoft.
  • Lastly, Windows 10 Updates, New major updates on Windows 10 can break things on your system.

So Still your Keyboard is Not Working in Windows 10

If you still find it hard to connect your USB Keyboard to your PC or your Laptop, we got you covered. You can now check out these steps to help you get started. Please do make sure not to skip any instructions given below.

Firstly, Remove the USB Keyboard and Restart your PC or Laptop.

Once you restart the PC or Laptop, consecutively re-plug the USB Keyboard into the USB port. If it still doesn’t work, try removing and reconnecting the USB Keyboard to a different USB port in the PC or Laptop.

Secondly, Ensure if the USB ports are functioning.

This is an important step we all oversee, Do check that the USB ports on your PC or Laptop are properly working. How to do this?

Unplug the USB Keyboard from its USB ports and re-plug some other USB devices like a mouse or a USB Drive(Pendrive) in the same USB port.

So, if the USB ports are function, then the issue is with the USB Keyboard.

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Deactivate the Filter Keys

Windows 10 have a Filter Key setting, which has a feature that can hinder the Keyboard from typing on the login screen, and this can cause problems with certain Keyboards.

So you need to look out for this and disable filter keys.

  • Press the Start Button and then go to the Settings Icon.
  • In the Settings Screen, Select the Ease of the Access.
  • In the Next window, on the left pane, you will be able to find the Keyboard
  • Then Turn OFF Filter Keys.

If you have Unnecessary Keyboard Devices, Uninstall them

The USB keyboard not Functioning in Windows 10 might also be because multiple keyboard devices are connected to your Pc or the Laptop and yet not discovered.

Follow this instruction to disable all unnecessary external keyboard devices from your devices.

  • From the Start Button and go to the Device Manager options.
  • In the Device Manager Screen, check out the View, and from there, select the Show Hidden Devices option.
  • From the Show Hidden Device option, you can find the list of Keyboard devices connected to the device and uninstall the unnecessary keyboard devices from your computer.
  • If your original Keyboard connected to your Laptop is working, you can use the standard PS/2 Keyboard device.
  • After following the instructions, reboot your system, and then Windows 10 will automatically re-install the correct keyboard device back to the system.

Manually Update Keyboard Driver

Once you restart the device like the method mentioned above, you will install the latest USB Keyboard driver on your device. If not, the next step is to update the keyboard driver on your device manually.

  • Open the Device Manager option from the Start Button
  • From the Device Manager option, click on the Keyboard Device that is in the left pane and select the Update Driver.

Uninstall Wireless Keyboard Receiver

So if you have installed and have been working with a Wireless Keyboard with a Dongle like Logitech KB400 or a USB Receiver on the device manager, uninstall them.

  • Open the Device Manager option from the Start Button
  • From the Device Manager option, click on the Keyboard Receiver in the left pane and Uninstall them.
  • Disable the USB Receiver from the USB port and reboot your PC or Laptop.
  • Once the Computer Reboots, plugin the USB Receiver, and the system will detect it.

Please note that you will obtain the Keyboard Receiver or Keyboard input device in the “Keyboards” section or the “Human Interface Devices” section.

Disable Fast Startup

The Fast Startup feature in Windows 10 will let the computer turn on faster after a shutdown.
Since the Fast startup option is enabled by default if your computer is capable of hibernation, this feature of Windows 10 at a time will cause certain malfunction to the USB Keyboards.

  • Open the Control Panel on your Computer
  • Select the “Hardware and Sound” and then “Change What the Power Buttons Do” on the Control Panel.
  • Then next, Scroll Down to find the “Shutdown Settings” and then find the “Turn on fast startup option.”
  • Uncheck the option to disable it

Once you Disable the Fast Startup option, you might find your device a bit slower while we reboot, or sometimes you might not find the change.

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Checkout for the Latest Updates

A standard troubleshooting procedure to tackle this problem in Windows 10 is to check out and install the latest update available on your PC or Laptop

  • Open the Start Button and then Settings
  • In the Settings, find the Updates & Security
  • In the Updates & Security, you can find and select the Windows Update in the side menu.
  • From the Windows Update, you will find the Check for Updates button.
  • Check out all the latest updates and re-install them into your PC or Laptop

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, I hope you can analyze and resolve the issue related to your USB Keyboard with this guide. please share and comment below if you find any other quires related to it.

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