Is your skype not working on Mac? Recently, video communication services have exploded in popularity. Worldwide, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and WeChat utilize their computers or smartphones to conduct audio or video chats and conferences

While Skype appears to be the most trustworthy of all the talking software, your online interactions can occasionally devolve into a frustrating experience riddled with problems, unresponsiveness, and delays.

If you’re a frequent Skype user, you’ve probably encountered issues such as “Skype not opening on Mac,” “Log-in issues,” “Audio being cut off,” and “Skype video not showing another person,” among others. Therefore, why do these problems arise in the first place? Why does Skype suddenly become unresponsive? Continue reading to get the answers!

Here’s 4 Main Causes Of Skype Not Working On Mac

Skype Not Working On Mac: 7 Easy Methods on How To Fix
Skype Not Working On Mac: 7 Easy Methods on How To Fix

The following are some of the most prevalent causes of Skype not working on Mac:

  • A slow Internet connection can result in dropped calls, a stuttering audio experience, or a blocky or frozen video conferencing experience.
  • You have not met the system’s basic requirements.
  • You are not currently utilizing the most up-to-date version of Skype.
  • Your security software or firewall settings may be preventing the Skype application from running.

Whatever the cause, there are a few strategies you may do to resolve your Skype slow connection issue.

Skype Not Working On Mac? Try These 7 Easy Methods!

To resolve the Skype not working on Mac issue, try the following methods:

Method 1: Verify Your Internet Connection is Working Properly

Have trouble logging into Skype or sending/receiving messages? Check your Internet connection. If the problem persists despite strong bandwidth, try reconnecting to the network and logging out of Skype. Check back in a few minutes to see if it resolves the ‘Skype not responding issue.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling Skype. You never know, it might fix all the potential problems with the app at once!

Method 2: Check Skype Heartbeat

If you are attempting any of the troubleshooting workarounds, take a look at Skype’s status page to find out if there are any recent problems with the service. You can additionally find out if there is a current issue with the Skype infrastructure.

How to Fix Skype Not Working On Mac

If there is anything abnormal, you can’t do anything about it. You just need to wait for the company to resolve the issue. Until then, you can just monitor the updates.

Method 3: Review Skype Audio Settings

If you’re having problems with your Skype Microphone, you should first test it within the app. Select the three-dots menu option > Settings > Audio & Video tab from the list. Speak something to begin testing your microphone. As your voice is activated, blue dots should appear beneath the Microphone header.

How to Fix Skype Not Working On Mac

If these blue dots do not move when you speak, click the name of your microphone next to the microphone and select another device. Continue experimenting with different types of gadgets until you notice the blue dots moving when you speak.

Method 4: Inspect Your Macbook (Recommended)

You may encounter difficulties making a call, typing slowly, or the application refusing to run entirely in certain circumstances. Nothing works despite testing the network connection, updating the software, and rebooting the Mac. Additionally, some other factors may affect the video chat platform’s effective operation, and you may find yourself dealing with “Skype not working on Mac” If there is one:

  • Virus
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojan Horse
  • Rootkits or any other malware threats
How to Fix Skype Not Working On Mac

You may encounter troubles such as ‘Skype does not open on Mac’, ‘Microphone does not work’, or ‘Skype video does not show another person.’ As a result, the recommended approach is to scan your Mac for malicious information and patch any online or offline vulnerabilities. We recommend doing a comprehensive scan with a dedicated application such as CleanMyMac X to identify and eliminate possible traces. You can access the Malware Removal module by navigating to it > doing a Scan > and removing any detected threats!

Method 5: Check Your Mac’s Text-To-Speech Settings

There is a chance that the current text-to-speech seating configuration is interfering with your Skype connection. As a result, to resolve the issue, follow the procedures outlined below.

Step 1 = close the Skype application

Step 2 = click on the Apple logo and choose Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 = from the system preferences window, navigate to the Accessibility section.

How to Fix Skype Not Working On Mac

Step 4 = From the right-side panel, locate and click the Speech button.

Step 5 = Select a different voice from the drop-down menu next to the System Voice header.

How to Fix Skype Not Working On Mac

That is all! Restart Skype and check whether the issue persists.

Method 6: Review Certain In-Built App Settings

Are you still having trouble with “Skype video does not show another person”? As so, ensure that no one else is concealed. Right-click on the individual’s Skype screen and instruct them to provide the following choices that are not selected:

  • Hide self-view
  • Stop my video
How to Fix Skype Not Working On Mac

Additionally, ensure that neither of you is using an out-of-date version of Skype on your device. Additionally, you must ensure that no other application is currently utilizing your webcam. These applications may include video editing software, instant messengers, and browsers. Therefore, consider temporarily disabling all background services and seeing if this resolves the “Skype not working on Mac” issue.

Method 7: Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus Tool

To begin, if your device is equipped with an antivirus or security program, consider temporarily disabling it to see if this addresses the ‘skype not working on Mac’ Issue. Bear in mind that not installing an antivirus solution increases the likelihood of attacks entering the Apple ecosystem. As a result, we caution people to utilize this method at their own risk!

Need more help connecting to Skype? Reach out to the official Skype Support Team!

So, what do you think about how to fix skype not working on Mac? Have you tried it? Leave your comment in the comment column below!

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