Facebook Event Photo Size With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform in the world. On Facebook, you can find social occasions or events almost every day. So to keep notified of these ongoing and upcoming events Facebook designed the Facebook Event. It is calendar-based which can be used to notify the users of upcoming events.

Facebook events are very effective at communicating with like-minded fellows on a large scale. The Events can be created by anyone and they can be either Public or Private. As an event creator, you can invite your friends, group members, fans of a Page, etc. Now to make an Event populous you need to strike a very strong impression among the invitees. So what makes the first impression very grand? As per the Facebook statistics, the Event Cover photo stikes the very first impression among the users.

Now it is simple to capture or create an Event photo, anyone can do it. But making the Event photo more splendid is difficult for almost most Facebook Event creators. The Resolution of the photo matters a lot in this situation and most Event Creators or organizers can’t grasp the correct resolution that is required for the Event.

Facebook Event Photo Size

“The correct resolution of the Event photo as per Facebook is 1920 X 1080 pixels with 16:9 aspect ratio.”

So an Event photo that is not of the correct resolution- either it is higher or lesser resolution than 1920 pixels will be adjusted by Facebook to fit the display. And by adjusting the photo the original clarity will be changed and it might affect the viewing impression among the Event participants

Facebook event photo size in the desktop newsfeed

Now the majority of Facebook active logins are done via any kind of mobile phone. Only 1.7% i.e more than 34 million(approx) of the total number of Facebook users log in to their account through Desktop systems. So desktop users also have a very broad base for Event participants who might attend an event. Hence it is necessary to know the correct resolution of the Event photo for the Desktop view.

The Facebook Event photo resolution for the Desktop view is 500 X 262 pixels. Resolution other than the prescribed pixels will be adjusted to fit the Desktop news feed.

Facebook event photo size in the mobile newsfeed

As written in the previous heading, mobile phones users account for the majority of active logins on Facebook. Therefore it is undoubtedly necessary to know the resolution of the Facebook Event photo. The visible Facebook Event photo resolution is 413 X 232 pixels.

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Additional Tips to design the Facebook Event photo of correct Resolution

  • Mobile phones- For the audience or participants of Facebook Event who access Facebook via any kind of mobile phone you can design the Event photo with a resolution of more than 826 X 464 pixels i.e double the required resolution for the mobile phone newsfeed.
  • Desktop- For the audience or participants of Facebook Event who access Facebook via a Desktop system, the Event photo can be designed more than 1000 X 524 pixels. It is the same doubling logic that is done in the previous mobile newsfeed.


Choosing or designing the Facebook Event with the correct resolution is very useful in attracting more participants for any Event. Active users can access Facebook via two kinds of devices- Desktop and mobile phones. For the Desktop Facebook users, the correct resolution is more than 1000 X 524 pixels and for the mobile phone users, the resolution should be more than 826 X 464 pixels.

So it is advisable to carefully choose the optimal resolution size for any Facebook Event photo. With an Event Cover photo of the correct resolution, you might make a very impressive first impression on the Facebook users and attract more participants for your Facebook Event.

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