Best Websites and Apps to Create Temporary Email Address, Are you looking for a solid solution to stop receiving spam emails? Do you wanna surf the internet without worrying about untrusted websites? The simplest solution is to delete your email account and create a new one. But after some time you’ll have to face the same problem if you accidentally sign-up for mischievous websites. So the simplest solution isn’t the most reliable.

With every problem there comes a reliable solution, if not a simple one. Protect your privacy by creating a disposable email account. A Disposable email address is temporary and is an excellent way to avoid spam, safeguard your online privacy, and avoid submitting your personal or business email address to every brand or institution, or person on the internet while signing up for their service.

Disposable temporary email is a free service that lets you generate a temporary email address that undergoes self-extinction after a certain period.
Disposable email accounts can be used for activities like:

  • Visiting websites, blogs
  • Posting comments
  • Creating fake social media accounts
  • Creating an email account for verification
  • Window shopping
  • Private web surfing

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Below is a list of the 10 best temporary email service providers

Websites and Apps to Create Temporary Email Address

Temp Mail Ru

It is the leading throwaway email service that enables you to avoid spam emails, advertisements, and viruses. You’ll be given a temporary email with an arbitrary extension, generally, it’s The expiry date of this temp mail is not known. In this case, you can change the temporary email id by tapping on the change icon and providing a temporary email address of your choice. Above the change icon, there is a VPN icon that can be used to purchase a VPN at
Temp mail Ru incorporates different technologies like Android, Java, NodeJs, Python, Ruby, 1C, etc. It provides an API for developers to work on.

My Temp Mail

It is easy to use and you can create your fake email id within a few moments after you tap on the new email button. The expiry duration of your temporary email is 24 hours from your last visit to the website. An amazing feature of my temp mail is that you can obtain that particular temporary email again by saving the URL. So keep coming over to the saved URL if you wish to keep it active.


It is a paid disposal temporary email service. You can’t access Facebook as an email id with an extension gets blocked by Facebook. If you can afford to buy its email service then you get access to unlimited emails, private domains, storage, API, plan upgrades, team accounts.

Guerrilla Mail

It is available in the play store. You can use it not only for avoiding spam but also for creating a temporary professional email account by adding a custom domain to it.

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10 Minute Mail

As the name implies it can be used only for 10 minutes. It is best used for email verification.

Trash Mail

Using this disposal email service provider you can forward emails. Get access to unlimited forwards and unlimited disposal duration with Trash Mail plus. Its paid subscription will also remind you about the destruction of the generated account.

ThrowAway Email

The lifetime of email id generated by throwaway email is 48 hours from the state of inactivity which is higher than those of many disposal email addresses. It is free of cost.


It provides fake email accounts with several extensions such as,,,,,, and so on for free.

Temp Mail – Android App

It is not only easy to use but also the best android app to create a fake email address in no time. You can use this app for free.

Temp Mail – iOS App

This is for iPhone and iPad users. The mobile app works better than the online tool. Temp Mail provides a free email service to both Android and iOS users.

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These are the best temporary email generators available online. We have tried to keep it simple yet informative. Share this article with your friends, family members, relatives, and distant relatives to help them out of privacy insecurity, spam emails, and unnecessary advertisements. Have a good time!

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