Best Torrent9 Alternatives and How To Torrent Safely? Torrent is a way of sending and receiving files over the internet. Torrents can be not only very useful but also highly dangerous. Downloading/sharing files in large numbers using torrent websites is easy. But if you do it without connecting to a VPN and not having an antivirus program on your device can get you uninvited problems. Most torrents are used to access copyrighted files.

Torrent9 used to be a famous French torrenting site, it gained huge popularity in the world. After Torrent9 got banned people started to search for Torrent9 alternatives.

There are many Torrent9 alternatives but in this article, you’ll get to know not only the best 10 English-language Torrent9 alternatives but also how to torrent safely.

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How to torrent safely?

Torrenting sites get banned because these sites involve exchanging copyrighted content which is a punishable offense. Content producers can take legal actions against such piracy.
The best and the only solution to this problem is using a VPN for torrenting. For safeguarding your online privacy VPN plays a major role by hiding your real IP address. VPN shows the IP address of your choice I.e. if you’re in Delhi you can choose an IP address in Canada (an example).

Torrent9 alternatives: 10 best torrent sites to visit 2021

Torrent9 alternatives


It is one of the largest storage of torrenting files. LimeTorrents has great, high-quality files for you to download. You can navigate it easily and find the files you wish to download.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is great at filling in the gap left by Torrent9, making it the best torrent site functioning in 2021. Here you can find almost every torrent file and magnet link to other torrent files.


YTS is a movie-specific torrenting site. If you’re a movie maniac then Head-on to YTS. Here you can download movies or video files easily.
Remember to use a VPN for safety reasons. YTS is easy to navigate and the user interface looks good.


You can depend on it for downloading various files from movies to games. It has a well-arranged page that lists everything you need to know about a specific file. It has not only a huge database of files but also a good speed.


zooqle made its way to the list of 10 best torrent9 alternatives for its huge database of torrent files. If you want to download some great movies, TV shows, etc then Zoogle is your go-to torrent site. It is also known for its user-friendly interface.


You can depend on the IsoHunt torrent site for downloading various software and games mainly. It also stores torrent video files. You can navigate it easily as this site lists down popular and new torrent files on the homepage.


Torlock stores verified torrents. It has a good interface and nicely arranged torrent files on the homepage. It has gained popularity for its service to offer several types of torrent files for downloading.


TorrentHounds has a huge collection of torrent files so you can find many good movies, TV shows, software, games, etc. Sadly, it keeps changing its extension to avoid getting banned.


EZTV is known for its large database of good-quality video content. It is easy to navigate as it has a simple user interface. You can download several popular movies, TV shows, and other videos from EZTV and enjoy watching these in your free time.


Seedpeer is another best torrent9 alternative for its huge collection of torrent files. Sadly, many people can’t get access to Seedpeer now. If you’re also unable to open seedpeer then you can follow these steps and try again

  • Change the default IP addresses used in the DNS servers
  • Clear your web browser cache
  • Use a VPN service to encrypt your internet traffic, avoiding web restrictions by ISP.

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You have got plenty of best torrent9 alternatives. Remember to use these torrents safely by using a good VPN. Many torrent files could be full of viruses so it is recommended to download from trusted torrent sites after installing an antivirus program on your device.
If you find this article useful then share it with your friends, helping them stay safe and well-informed.

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