An online image hosting website will allow individuals and organizations to upload images to their websites. When an image is uploaded to a site then it is called “hosting” i.e the online platform will host your photos on their servers and allow you to access them from anywhere and anytime.
You can use the online image hosting platform features such as organizing them into albums, editing & fine-tuning, sharing across social media platforms, or other third-party platforms such as Docs, Gmail, Microsoft Sheet, blogs, etc.

Moreover, an Image hosting website showcases your photos and spread them to audiences worldwide. This feature is a gospel for Photographers, Models, wallpaper creators, and artists.

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Advantages of Image Hosting-

You can backup your images and can save them in case your system storage suffers huge data loss. It is very frustrating to lose your important and memory-filled images and videos.

You can save your storage space by uploading some or all of your image data.

Some image hosting provides additional features such as Image showcase, statistical analysis of visitors viewing your photos, sharing across multiple platforms such as social media accounts, Microsoft Sheets, Google Drive/Docs/Gmail, blogs, etc. Image hosting platforms let you enjoy such flexible features.

Best Free Image Hosting Websites

Best Image Hosting Website

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best Image hosting services provided by Google. You can upload an unlimited number of photos each photo size is maxed up to 75 MB and videos up to 10GB. Moreover, one interesting feature of Google Photos is that you can share and access your photos from other Google services such a Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, etc. features of Google photos are:

  • Securely backup your images and videos and access them from any device.
  • You can organise your images and videos into categories and albums so that you can search for them without any hassle.
  • Share photo albums among your family & friends.
  • Edit your images and videos with editing tools and smart filters.
  • Support formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Print your images without any memory card or drive. It can be by integrating with third-party software such as Fujifilm, Popsa, Chatbooks and more.

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Dropbox is a pretty good Image hosting site for both business and freelance users. Some of the features of Dropbox are:

  • Dropbox offers not only secure cloud storage but also a seamless way to optimize your workflow.
  • Create and store your images and share them across other platforms such as Docs, Microsoft Office, Slides, Sheet, Dropbox Paper, etc.
  • Dropbox lets you use the feature of ‘Drag & Drop’ of your images. It also allows you to rearrange them according to your wishes.
  • Dropbox backs up your stored images without tampering with them automatically.
  • Dropbox is com[lety secure and you can store your images without any problem. You can also share your photos in Dropbox with the people you want.
  • Dropbox offers free storage of up to 3 GB. subscribing to the monthly plan of $19.99 will provide you with 3 TB of storage space including a 14-day free trial.


ImgBB is a free and minimalist image hosting tool and it is popular too. It allows the uploading of an unlimited number of photos and without any time constraint. Also, there is no need to register to use ImgBOX services. Ou just needs to embed the ImgBB code into your browser and start uploading your photos right away.

Some other features of ImgBB are:

  • ImgBB provides features like ‘Drag & Drop’, Image resizing, remote upload, and more.
  • Add image uploading to your website, blog, or forum by installing the ImgBB upload plug-in.
  • The single image size cannot be more than 32 MB.
  • Also, ImgBb doesn’t allow the uploading of Copyrighted images.


Imgur is a free image hosting website. It allows you to host an unlimited number of photos with various formats and types ranging from GIFs to funny memes. Some of the features of Imgur are:

  • Imgur has a large supportive online community and this makes it one of the best for Image Hosting.
  • Supports various formats such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, APNG, PDF, BMP, TIFF, XCF and more.
  • Support a non-animated file up to a maximum of 20 MB of size and 200 MB for GIF file format.
  • It is mandatory to register for an account to upload images. But you need to register for additional features such as adding captions to your photo or uploading albums.
  • It also gives you a direct link for your images and each link can be embedded into HTML.
  • Imgur also places the highest-ranked photos on the top of the home page so that it can get more exposure.


Flickr is one of the oldest photo-sharing platforms and also it can be your next choice for image hosting. Some of the features of Flickr are:

  • Unlimited uploads and automatic backup with Flickr Pro version- You can upload photos on Flickr without worrying about the quantity and the automatic backup using Auto-Uploadr you can easily backup your entire photo collection onto Flickr from your phone/computer storage, Dropbox, Adobe Lightroom, and more.
  • Advanced stats- you can keep track of images and how people are discovering them or which image is trending now and which image has performed the best over a period of time.
  • Browsing on Flickr is totally ads-free. Visitors will never find any ad on any of your photos, albums, and photostreams.
  • An excellent editor to fine-tune your images before uploading.
  • You can organize your photos into albums so that you don’t find it difficult to search for them later.
  • Flickr also supplements your images with geolocation, license information, and tags.

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So these are some of the best online image hosting platforms. You can start using one of these image hosting sites and upload your photos/images and videos and use the site’s features such as fine-tuning and sharing them on your social media account, upload it to your blog, or you might start to clear up your bloated storage space and upload images to the image hosting sites.

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