list of the best Hamachi Alternatives, Gaming in multiplayer mode has a unique charm of its own as compared to single-player mode. The thrill of playing the same game with your friends, competing with other players, shouting over the microphone can be said to be second to none. Multiplayer gaming over LAN connections, also called LAN party, is super enjoyable. So what if you want to have the same LAN gaming experience from your home. In this case, Hamachi Alternatives lets you have the LAN gaming experience by creating a Virtual LAN connector using your internet connection and connecting to other PCs via this Virtual LAN.

But Hamachi also has some disadvantages of its own such as high pings, limited connections, lag during gaming, etc. so this list is written with the Top 10 best Hamachi alternatives that let you create a VPN connection overcoming some of the disadvantages of Hamachi.

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Here’s the Top 10 list of the best Hamachi Alternatives.

Hamachi Alternatives


NetOverNet lets you create a Virtual private network where all IP addresses are universally accessible and permanent. This client comes with a very simple user interface and lets you connect to the network from any device globally, provided that you have the login details of the device you want to connect. NetOverNet is free but only three devices can be connected to the network simultaneously and network speed is limited.

Evolve (

Evolve is a social gaming platform and you can use it as an alternative for Hamachi. Other than Virtual LAN gaming, Evolve provides more features than Hamachi such as VoIP, multiplayer party system, matchmaking, screen capture, video making, and streaming.
Evolve has now merged into Users who have accounts in Evolve can migrate their Evolve account data to and retain your gaming history, including all those gaming hours you’ve accumulated. You can easily migrate your Evolve account to Player. I from the website


Wippien is an open-source program to emulate LAN connections and connect PCs through a P2P association. Using Wippien you can access your friends’ shares, printers, services, desktops, or even ping them through the IP address that you can see next to their name. Wippien is also an Instant Messaging client with support for many well-known protocols, such as ICQ, MSN, AIM, and Google Talk.


SoftEther is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use multi-platform VPN software. SoftEther VPN is an open-source program and you can use it for both personal and commercial use for free. SoftEther uses the original strong SSN-VPN protocol and it can pass through any kind of Firewall.
Some of the features of SoftEther are: easy to establish both remote access and site-to-site VPN, SSL-VPN tunneling on HTTPS to pass through NATs and Firewalls, resistance to high restricted firewalls, AES 256 bit and RSA 4096 bit encryption, network speed up to 1 Gbps, etc.

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GameRanger is a free Virtual LAN gaming client for Mac and Windows PC. It has over 700 games and demos online that you can play with your friends and opponents worldwide. GameRanger offers other various features such as profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.

How to use GameRanger:

  • Download & install the GameRanger setup file from the official website.
  • Create a free new account with a valid e-mail address.
  • You have to activate your GameRanger account through the activation email that has been sent to your email address.
  • Upon logging in to your account you can invite your friends to GameRanger or you can try searching for your friends who already have a GameRanger account.
  • Now you can either host or join a game. To join a game, you have to select the game room from the list and click on the Join Game option.


FreeLAN is a free open-source VPN emulator that is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. It provides a secure VPN connection and high-speed network speed with minimal lag. Thus FreeLAN is quite popular among the gaming community. However, FreeLAN doesn’t provide a graphical interface to work with and you have to use config guides to create a private network. You can follow the instruction on the configuration process from the FreeLAN official support page.

Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is one of the best free clients among all other Hamachi Alternatives. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10. It doesn’t limit the number of concurrently connected devices to the virtual private network. It provides network speed up to 100 Mbps with a secure VPN connection. It is easy to install on your system and has a simple user interface.


The P2PVPN client is a free open-source VPN emulator developed with JAVA. The only downside is that it was last updated in the year 2010. So if an error occurs when creating a VPN with P2P VPN, finding a solution will be very difficult, or you can try solving the problem on your own.


ZeroTier is a cross-platform VPN client. It also provides its services to Android and iOS mobiles through its own applications. You can connect your team members from anywhere in the world on any device. ZeroTier creates secure network connections between cloud, desktop, and mobile devices. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding a LAN party as ZeroTier has created a huge community over the years. It is a paid VPN client but you can also experience the basic program with only one Admin and network members up to 50.


NeoRouter provides you with a very secure VPN connection for both personal and commercial purposes. It is compatible with all popular operating platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. NeoRouter also provides the feature of accessing any blocked websites on a system. NeoRouter has both free and paid versions with the minimum package starting @ $99.00.

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Hamachi is very popular among the gaming community despite its shortcomings. So there is a need for third-party tools to create a VPN connection to overcome some of the disadvantages of Hamachi such as limited connections, high ping, gaming lag, etc. Thus this top 10 Best hamachi alternative list has been written and you should try a few of them and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

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