Best Free Websites To Watch Cartoons Online! Are you tired of searching for sites to watch cartoons online for free? Your search for free websites where you can watch your favorite anime/cartoon ends here. In this article, I’m going to share with you 15+ best free websites where you can binge-watch the entire season of your favorite cartoons and anime series without paying any amount.

Whenever we listen to the theme music of our favorite childhood cartoon shows, we go back in time when we used to spend most of our time watching cartoons tension-free, all those sweet memories come rushing back to us. As we grow up we get indulged in various activities in both personal and professional lives. Watching cartoons has become a childlike hobby. But cartoons and anime aren’t limited to only children and teenagers. There’s no such activity in this world that has any age limit. So break this myth and start watching your favorite cartoons and explore some exciting anime series that will kick away any boredom from your life from now on.

Nowadays we don’t have much time to sit and wait in front of the TV for a specific program to start. The only practical way to watch cartoons anytime, anywhere is through the internet. But the problem here is that there are lots of sites available to watch cartoons and it’s hard to find a good website.

We want websites that have these qualities mentioned below:

  • Free of cost. Doesn’t charge any amount of money for watching animes of any genre.
  • Accessibility. The website should allow viewers to watch cartoons without prior downloading so that we can decide whether we like them or not. Downloading episodes requires a lot of time and data, on top of it if we don’t like the episode then it’s a sheer wastage of time and money.
  • No complicated registration. Some websites ask for personal information like mobile numbers, access to galleries, and contact numbers. This attacks our privacy.

Don’t you agree?

We’ve got every point covered and listed down 15+ best free websites to watch cartoons without any interruption. Sit back and enjoy watching entertaining cartoons which will keep you engaged till the end.

Websites To Watch Cartoons

Websites To Watch Cartoons
Best Free Websites To Watch Cartoons Online


This website is entirely dedicated to die-hard fans of cartoons around the globe. WatchCartoonOnline has a huge number of cartoons and animated movies. Simply type your favorite cartoons by brand, title, or characters in the search bar of the browser. You can also watch live cartoon shows here.

YouTube Cartoons

YouTube is the king of online platforms when it comes to entertainment, education, technology, finance, current affairs, cooking, marketing, etc. Who doesn’t know about YouTube? It is the most popular online platform to watch videos of any category. Type “cartoon” or “anime’ in the search box and many cartoons and animes of the different genres will come. Youtube also allows you to comment, like, and dislike any video. Discover the unlimited number of cartoons available here.


This website is one of the best out there for cartoon fans as this site is free of cost. GoGoAnime frequently uploads the latest episodes of cartoons to engage its viewers. Use the search bar to search for favorite cartoons. Explore other series that are arranged in alphabetical order, hence viewers can easily find any specific show.

Amazon Prime

Watch prime quality movies and series anywhere, anytime with Amazon Prime. It has 147 million users worldwide. Here you get access to cartoons, movies, TV shows, biographies, and lots more. When quality overtakes quantity then there is a price tag attached to it. But here is a mind-blowing deal. After you signup, you get 30 days free trial, and then you can cancel your subscription anytime. Watch your favorite show ads-free here.


This website requires no signup/registration. You can visit this website to know about new cartoon shows and new episodes of your favorite series as they frequently update a wide collection of cartoons and anime. Every cartoon show is free of cost. Here, many popular cartoon shows are available from well-known studios such as Walt Disney, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, etc. There are cartoon videos in sections such as Studio, Character, Show, etc. that will help you to find your best cartoon easily. Enjoy watching both trending and old cartoon shows.


When it comes to kids then every parent wants to give their child the best. Cartoonito is one of the best sites to watch cartoon shows made for kids. This website provides fun, entertaining, and good educational videos. This website has some of the best educational shows that will impart a great deal of knowledge to kids. All the episodes of a show appear on the screen making it easier for you to re-watch your favorite videos. Cartoonito also provides additional features of entertainment like songs, games, and fun-filled activities.


It is one of the three popular American subscription video channels along with Disney+ and ESPN+. You can watch cartoons for free till the trial period and then you need to pay $5.99 per month. This site is limited to users who are located in the US or the UK. However, you can use VPN to watch cartoon shows on Hulu. This website provides many video contents ranging from cartoons to movies. But the ads are long and frequent.


It is another good site for cartoon lovers. Super cartoons is a free-of-cost website where you can search for any cartoon series by typing names of cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse, Pepe Le Pew, Sylvester, Porky pig, etc. Visit this site and watch entertaining cartoons for free.


Personally, this is a gem. It is the first cable channel for children which was launched in 1979. This website came later and has a wide collection of cartoon shows. Apart from cartoons this website also has games and shows. My recommendation is SpongeBob SquarePants 😉

Cartoon Network

Whether you like networking or not you will love watching cartoon networks. Cartoon Network has an amazing collection of cartoon shows, pictures, games, and exciting activities. It provides the best cartoons including both long and short-length episodes. This website has all the episodes of every cartoon program streamed on the TV channel.


This a good website to watch cartoons online for free. Here you can watch classic cartoon series such Popeye, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, and much more without any registration. If you would like to enjoy the additional features register on the site and create your profile page. This way you can rate the videos, add comments and also add the cartoons of your choice to the favorite section.

Anime Flavor

Here you can see that all the cartoon shows are arranged in alphabetical order. When you tap on the name of any anime then the summary of the anime appears. You can decide whether you will like the anime or not by reading its summary, hence saving a lot of time.

On top of the homepage, you’ll see some popular cartoon episodes. You can watch those to get an idea about the entire series. On this website, you don’t have to create your profile page or sign-up to watch cartoons.

Cartoon Park

This site is best for classic anime maniacs. Watch cartoons and anime here free of cost with or without subtitles. Cartoon park allows downloading episodes for free so you can download an entire series while you’re busy working and binge-watch in your spare time.

This website is mobile-friendly so you can enjoy watching cartoons without having to download any app.


This website has some of the popular cartoon series, episode-wise, such as The Simpson, American Dad, Family Guy, and Futurama. If you like these kinds of cartoons then you should definitely visit this site.


Visit this website to watch free-of-cost cartoon movies with proper English subtitles. This website host cartoons of different genres like thriller, horror, comedy, etc. New episodes are frequently uploaded. You’ve to face some pop-up ads, sadly.

Anime Toons

This is a good and free-of-cost website where you can watch dubbed anime online. Here you can get free to more than a hundred cartoon shows and explore the cartoon world. You can filter cartoon shows based on different genres such as action, drama, crime, comedy, adventure, and many more.


The video content provided on the website is entertaining and has dubbed anime. Some popular classic cartoon shows are available on this website. You can also find cartoon shows which went off the air decades ago. This website is very popular and is easy to use for free.

This website hosts anime made for adults. A complete list of all the shows is provided on the homepage. All the contents of this website are free of cost.


You’re never too old to watch cartoons. You’re never too busy to watch cartoons.

In this article, I’ve tried my level best to summarize the best websites that you can visit and get lost in the ocean of cartoons and anime. Most of these websites are free of cost.

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