Best Apps for Mi TV You Should Use – In recent times, technology has improved rapidly throughout the world. Many people used it either to get entertainment or news, Television was not an exception either. There is a smart TV called Mi TV with various tools to improve your experience in watching TVs. But how do you want to make the best of it? Here we have over 10 apps for your Mi TV to enjoy the best experience of watching TVs.

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Best Apps For Mi TV in 2021; Browsers, Streaming Apps and More

Best Apps For Mi TV in 2021
Best Apps For Mi TV in 2021


Best Mi TV Apps

Netflix is the most popular streaming subscription service across the world. It’s very popular among people in the US for its best movies and TV series from many countries.

  • Adding more shows most of the time.
  • Old classics for reminiscing old times.
  • Stream directly to your device, TV, Console, Phone, etc.
  • Offers many great movie recommendations based on your recent watch.
  • You can enjoy five screens per account. These profiles allow each person to have their own personalized experience.
  • There is a ‘Kids’ channel for children to safely watch movie.
  • Cheap subscription.

Amazon Prime Video

Best Apps for Mi TV

Amazon Prime Video is just another movie subscription for you to watch. It has more movie content and option to watch, however, it’s also much more expensive than Netflix. Here’s the benefit of using Amazon Prime Video.

  • Many options for movie catalogue
  • Pay 999$ per year
  • Quick access to the newest movie
  • Download the movie to watch later

Youtube TV

Best Apps for Mi TV

Youtube TV is the third popular movie subscription in the world. They will offer you more options to watch than other apps. However, you will have to subscribe in order to get rid of the ads. Here’s the reason why you should use Youtube TV.

  • Access to TV networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, NFL Network, ESPN, HGTV, and TNT. Including your local sports and news channels.
  • Enjoy DVR in the cloud with unlimited storage space. Each recording remains stored for 9 months.
  • Over six YouTube TV accounts per household with each own setting.


The fourth must-have app for your Mi TV as it is the best video streaming app for those who couldn’t afford to subscribe to some TV channels. Other than streaming videos, you could use it to see podcasts, music, photos from the hard drive. Kodi is a free software media player. It is also a digital media entertainment center for home theatre PCs. The technical features of its interface allow you to access and explore the material mentioned above. This app does not bring any content. Kodi fetches its content from a local or remote storage location (DVD, Blu-Ray, or other media). However, you can install third-party plugins to access free content on official websites.

Disney Hotstar

Best Apps for Mi TV

Hotstar is a subscription movie channel owned by Disney+. They provide many Disney and Sony movies such as The Avengers, Star Wars, etc. Recently, it was announced that Disney+ will be incorporated within the Hotstar services. You’ll have to pay ₹365/year for Hotstar VIP, while Hotstar Premium costs ₹299/month – ₹999/year.


Best Apps for Mi TV

Another best app whether free or paid to have access across many TV channels in the world. You can enjoy over 85000 TV shows and movies. With this app, you can keep up to date with news overseas and live sports.

MX Player TV

Best Apps for Mi TV

Mx Player TV provided a streaming service with exclusive, original, and premium content. Although, Mx Player TV focuses on high-quality Hindi and regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Kannada. But it also provides other international TV channels.

Send Files To TV

Best Apps for Mi TV

Send files to TV is one of the best options that allow you to send files from your mobile device to your TV. However, you have to ensure that you have installed this app on both devices. Use this app to share movies, TV shows, or any other file format between these devices through your local network. It works like Bluetooth ‘cuz you don’t need an Internet Connection to send the files.


Best Apps for Mi TV

Another subscription shows an app that you should install on your Mi TV. Fox channel provides a wide range of both movies and TV channels across the world. However, you might need a third-party app to install this on your TV, don’t worry it’s nothing illegal.

Solid Explorer

Best Apps for Mi TV

Solid Explorer is an ideal file manager that you must have in your Mi TV. There is also a free trial that can be used for 14 days, trust me it’s worth the price. You can easily customize it to anything, read and extract various ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR archives, and the indexed search option finds any file within a matter of seconds.

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So, with all these recommendations, which of them is the best for Mi TV? I’d say it’s Disney Hotstar, it offers more variety of shows across the world with a cheaper subscription than Amazon Prime Video. That’s all about it guys, enjoy your new TV channel for Mi TV!

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