iTunes is an app developed exclusively for iOS devices like iPhones, iPods, etc. iTunes is a Multimedia Management app providing various features including the transfer of photos, videos, music from one iOS device to another or to download music from the Apple store.

But iTunes isn’t the sole media app for your iPhone or iPad. Various iTunes alternatives are found in abundance for your iOS devices. Also, iTunes sometimes impose restrictions in transferring and managing your photos, videos, music files, etc. and this can be very annoying. In this post, some of the best iTunes alternatives are mentioned that are way better than iTunes in managing your media files.

iTunes Alternatives

Here, are 8 of the best iTunes alternatives that you can use on your iOS devices


iMazing is a tool that can run on both Windows & Mac. It is used to transfer files and data between iOS devices, Mac OS, or Windows systems. It is also a good iTunes alternative app. This app provides other features like iTunes Library Manager, File Manager, Backup & Restore, iCloud compatibility, etc. Moreover, iTunes is not free software and comes with limitations in the free version of the iMazing app. You can try to sync all your iOs based devices files & data to a single place and manage them in a better way.


TunesGo is a product of Wondershare and is a must-have phone manager. It comes with the features like Backup & Transfer photos, videos, music, SMS, etc. from your iOS devices. It is quite compatible with iOS 5 and all later versions, up to iOS 7. To transfer a file it is very simple, just drag and drop your media files from your iOs devices to the computer and vice-versa. However, TunesGo is not a free app and the free version of it comes with great limitations.

Documents 5

Document 5 is one of the best file management tools for your iOS device. Moreover, it not only just transfers & manages your media files but it can support all other types of files from one iOS device to another iOS device. It’s a central hub for managing all of your files stored on your iOS device. It also comes with the preview feature to check your music, video, and other files before transferring.


Another iTunes alternative that is best for your iOS devices is SynciOS. It not only provides a multimedia managing service for your iPhone & iPad but it also comes with other features like a backup manager, ringtone maker, file manager, audio converter, video converter, data recovery, data eraser, photo compression, HEIC converter, etc. SynciOs program can automatically detect your iOS devices when connected via a USB cable. However, SynciOS needs iTunes on your device for it to work. SynciOS is a paid software but it also comes with a free version albeit with limited features compared to the paid version.


Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc. It has made its name in the Cloud storage industry and is quite compatible with iOS and other operating system devices. Dropbox provides a free 2 GB space of Cloud storage, transferring files from your iPhones and iPads, saving and viewing your media file online, file synchronization, and client software.

FoneTrans iOS Transfer

FoneTrans iOS Transfer is a transfer & management app that works best for all of your iOS devices. Also, it is compatible with PC systems like Mac & Windows. Other than files transfer and management function it also comes with other amazing features like backup media files from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Pc or iTunes; managing SMS and contacts on your iPhone; syncing all your files between different iOS devices, etc. it also comes with preview feature which makes it easier to manage and transfer your data from one device to another.


AnyTrans is another wonderful iTunes alternative to help you manage & transfer media files like music, photos, and videos on your iOS device. Other than the file transfer function you can also sync all your data from with other iOS devices, share and control data from your iPhones or iPads, backup your data from the old iOS device and transfer it to your new iOS device, etc. this app comes with a free version with limited features compared with the paid version. It is also compatible with PC systems like Windows and Mac.

DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager can be used to manage your files on your iPhone and iPad. You can transfer photos, music, videos, and more from your iOS devices to PC systems and vice versa. Other features include data backups, file format converter such as HEIC images to JPG format; converting OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV files to MP3; creating and transferring ringtones; compressing large video files, etc.

DearMob iPhone Manager is available for both Windows and Mac and comes with a free trial version. If you are satisfied using the trial version then you can opt for further service by purchasing the license.

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These are 8 of the best iTunes alternatives you can use for your iOS devices. You can free yourself from the annoying restrictions that iTunes imposes on your iOS device to manage your media files. You can try the free versions of the apps first and experience it carefully before fully confirming the iTunes alternative that you want to use.

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