8 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives!

Adobe Flash Player, at the zenith of its success, became an attractive target for hackers. For this reason, the company decided to put an end to working on Flash. Adobe encourages content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to new open formats.

Undoubtedly, Adobe Flash player was the best to stream videos, moving images, audio, and other animations on web browsers. Without a Flash player, it’s not possible to do live streaming while playing online games.

The end of Adobe Flash Player has created a huge demand for Flash Player alternatives. There are various Adobe Flash Player alternatives on the internet, so it is quite difficult to choose the best alternative to Flash Player.

This article will help you out with a list of the 7 best Adobe Flash Player alternatives.

Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

List of 8 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives in 2021


HTML5 is recommended by Adobe itself. It has gained popularity over the last few years as the best alternative to Adobe Flash Player. HTML is the abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language and you’ve probably learned the basic HTML in your school. HTML5 can be used as an alternative to some of the functionality of Adobe Flash including the functions of playing audio and video within web pages.


WebGL is on the list of best Adobe Flash player alternatives alongside HTML5. It provides high-quality videos, images, graphics, and other animations directly to web browsers, and electronic devices such as desktops, smartphones, tablets.


Lightspark operates on Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD. It is a free and open-source software alternative to Adobe Flash player and browser plugin written in C/C++. You can find the code of Lightspark on the Github repository.
Lightspark implements around 79℅ of the Flash APIs and works on several leading websites including Amazon music, Google play music, and BBC news.

Photon Flash Power Browser

Photon Flash is the leading Flash player for Android devices. It supports Fash videos, games, and websites. Sadly, its free version has a lot of ads. To get rid of unnecessary ads you need to buy a yearly premium. A great feature of Photon Flash Power Browser is that it provides safe browsing in public non-secure wifi hotspots. It acts as a VPN service, so you can browse even blocked websites like Hulu.


Ruffle is also an open-source software alternative to Adobe Flash Player, built in the Rust programming language. Ruffle is under development and runs pretty well. It is predicted to be the best Flash Player in the future. It runs animated videos in the web browser without the need to install any plug-in.

SuperNova player

SuperNova player allows users to not only play online games but also enables the users to access SuperNova on all web browsers.
SuperNova player supports. SWF files launched from any web browser. Thus, it made its way to the list of best Adobe Flash player alternatives

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

BlueMaxima Flashpoint is a web archive that is dedicated to storing games and animations from defunct platforms such as Adobe Flash player. Till now it has saved thousands of games and animations from extinction. This is the best place for you to visit and explore exciting games and animations.

Flash Fox- Flash Browser

Well, this Flash alternative is one of the best web browsers for Android. Since the Flash Fox- Flash Browser has an in-built flash player you don’t need another external flash plug-in to be installed. You can also use this on Windows and Mac through Android Emulator. Flash Fox- Flash Browser also provides other features including history, recent tabs, bookmarks, etc.


These 8 applications are one of the best Adobe Flash Alternatives that you can use today. Other than Flash Fox- Flash Browser and Photon Flash Power Browser that are exclusive to the Android system, the remaining ones are available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

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