QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit. It provides accounting solutions to large & small business groups and to the individuals like the CA, financial advisors, analysts, entrepreneurs, etc. One common problem that all users of QuickBooks Online may face is Login failure.

This article is written to address the various factors leading to an error during login to your QuickBooks account, and correspondingly provide solutions to solve these factors.

Easy fix Login problems on QuickBooks Online

Factors that might cause login error- Incorrect login details, Useless data filling up the browser’s storage (cache, cookies, form data, etc), Problems in Network Connectivity.

Here are some of the solutions that we worked out to help solve the login error that occurs when accessing your QuickBooks account.

Clearing out the useless data in your browser.

Surfing the internet is all about data. A smooth internet experience is based on the flow of data. To ease up the web page’s loading speed, the browser application will save some data of the websites that you usually visit. As time passes the data will fill up your browser’s storage and interfere with the connection with servers and that leads to some network errors including login failure.

Thus it is necessary to clear out some junk data periodically to ease up the pressure mounting on the browser’s storage and to have a better surfing experience. To clean up junk data in the Chrome browser press Ctrl + H to open the history tab and click the Clear browsing data on the left side of the tab. Click on the checkboxes of the data that you may want to erase. Restart your system and try to login into your QuickBooks account.

Using a different Browser.

How can a browser be responsible for login errors? Well, there can be a variety of reasons that might cause this issue. For example, if you have previously logged in to your account but have not logged out after finishing your work, this kind of issue is the most probable to happen. Another case is that you have accessed your account from other devices. System firewall or your antivirus program blocks the access of your browser to the QuickBooks site.

The solution to these problems is simply to change the browser. QuickBooks Online supports several browsing applications such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
Change from your usual default browser to a different one, and it is possible to solve the login problem.

Browsing Incognito

If the usual mode of browsing leads to login error you can try to change the browsing mode to incognito mode. This mode is preferably used to access your account if you don’t want others to know or it is used when you login to your account in systems other than your personal computers or smartphones.

To open an Incognito tab in Google Chrome click on the three vertical dot patterns on the uppermost right corner and click on the third option- New Incognito window.

Advanced Solution to fix the Login Problem

Restart/Reset the network adapter.

The most common way to solve a network connectivity problem is to restart the network adapter. Restarting is the oldest and effective way to solve problems of electronic devices like the Computer, Smartphone, Smart TV, etc. Now if the above method of restarting doesn’t work then you can try to reset the adapter to its factory settings.

Check the DNS server.

Sometimes login error occurs if there is a problem with the server. In this case, we can do a DNS check to check the status of the site server. Follow the steps to perform a DNS check –

  • Open the command prompt on your PC.
  • Type “nslookup domain name” and press enter.
  • If you receive results such as “Timed Out,” “Server Failure,” “Refused,” “No Response from Server,” or “Network Is Unreachable,” it may indicate the problem originates in the DNS server.

Check the SSL settings of the web browser

If your default browser is Google chrome just follow the steps to check your SSL settings.

  • Open the settings tab in your chrome.
  • On the search bar on the top of the page type the keyword “proxy settings”.
  • Click on the open your computer’s proxy settings.
  • The Internet options window will open. Now you go to the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to the security category and tick the checkbox of SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0
  • Click on Apply then click on the Ok button.
  • Restart the browser.

After enabling the SSL function you can try to login into your QuickBooks account.


Login failure does not occur just because of incorrect login credentials. Some other factors can cause this problem, including bloated browser storage, browser problems, server problems, and problems in network connectivity.

Solutions to these problems have been provided in this article. You may solve your login error by just following one solution or trying a multiple solution combination. So you have to experiment on your own.

We hope that you can easily find the solution that fits you the best.

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