Best Free Video Compression Software [Windows and Mac]

When you are out there on a road trip, at a restaurant for a birthday party, you record your favorite moments in the best resolution possible on whatever device you can get your hands on. But this bothers you a lot when you think about sharing them on social media or even keeping them on your phone for too long. Their huge size is a problem that can sometimes be very very pesky and hard to get rid of. This is where Compression Software’s come into play, they reduce the size of very big video files into easily shareable small files. Which makes life so much easier to live.

Today, I have collected some Compression Softwares which are very popular, user-friendly, and can someday prove to be very important tools for you.

In this article, I have included Video Compression Softwares that work well for both mac and windows. Let’s take a look at them. At the end of this article is the ultimate Video Compressor which has everything you could ever need

Free Video Compression Software

Here are the Top Picks: 5 Best Video Compression Programs

Freemake Video Converter

Windows users are always the ones to get more software to help them get things running. The same is the case with Video Converters. Having been used by over 103 million people for 10 years leaves no space for argument about the trust you can put into it as a consumer.
The most lucrative thing about this compressing software is that it has many useful features which are available to be used for free by anyone.

Freemake is compatible with most of the video capturing and editing devices out there. There are more than 500 types of videos that can make it an extremely versatile tool.
Also, the unpaid version is not even the tip of the iceberg. The server speed increases significantly after getting a paid subscription.


A handbrake is a software that can be used by pros too. This software is a great open-source software that is available for free for everyone and acts as a good replacement for many other video compression software. If you are looking for a hassle-free pleasant experience that is available for both mac and windows, this is the one for you.

You can also tweak the outcomes as you like them, this comes in handy while doing more than compression with the video. Quality adjustment is very precise with a reduction in the size of the video. Most of the compression software just gives you an outcome without an option to alter the quality to reduce further or maybe keep a bigger file. Handbrake has hands down the best options and easiest controls in this particular section.

Any Video Converter

The AVC is a beautifully made converter and compressor that does its job phenomenally well. It has both paid and free versions. The paid version adds some more fancy features to the free version. However, the free version is enough in itself unless you are planning to work on videos for hours. Simply just drag the file you want to work on and drop it on the editing area, start working on it and leave with a wide smile on your face.

Steps to using this software are extremely easy. You can add anything from a CD or DVD to even a URL. The video quality can be adjusted easily. There are a few other parameters that are for advanced users. But overall this compressor and converter do the job well. There are a lot of formats to choose from and work on the project.

Miro Video Converter

This is the simplest of all video compression software. Just add the file and get it compressed in one click. The most basic of all. You can either select from pre-decided setups or create settings of your own, and then repeat them later on.
No bugs have ever been found in this converter and compressor. A child wouldn’t need any help to use it.

What Mira converter gives us a very specific golden feature is that you can compress videos in bulk at once. Just keep adding as much as your device’s RAM can handle and compress them all at once. It is supported on both Mac and Windows and supports numerous formats of videos. This one wins in ease of use by a very big margin

Wondershare UniConverter

This is by far, the best Video Compression and Conversion software for both Man and Windows. What makes it the best is that it has all the features of the previous 4 options. Everything from a fast conversion speed to multiple conversions at a time. The simplicity is also top-notch. The interface is user-friendly. You can compress videos and also edit the compressed video right there. The reduction in the quality of the compressed video is also minimal.

Videos can also be compressed and edited directly from YouTube. This turns out to be the ultimate tool for video conversion that is present out there.
The free version has good compression capacity but the paid version can compress large files up to as low as 33% of their original size which is pretty awesome.

For all the problems we face while moving forward with such a great speed in the world of technology, there are always enough solutions to help us with them. The only thing required is a little bit of effort and some thinking on the part of “where to look”

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