If you’re looking for a free program or an app to unblur an image or images, your search ends here. How frustrating is it to realize that most of your pictures from a party or family get-together are blurred? Technology has brought a revolutionary change over the decades. It has gifted us a variety of cameras to capture our memories. But what if some of our best memories captured come out blurry and you can’t re-capture those exact memories? Disheartening, right?

Here, we’ve discussed the top 5 best free programs and apps that allow you to unblur images hassle-free.

Using these tools you can fix any blurred image without any problems. These tools are not only easy to use but also free of cost.

If you’ve clicked any product’s images and you’re unable to read the product description because of blurriness then these free tools come in handy. These free photo editing tools allow you to sharpen the image and make the text readable.

Best tools to Unblur images

Some of the reasons for a blurred image could be a moving subject, unstable camera, poor lighting. Whatever the reason, the blurred image appears not correctable. But there are ways to correct the blurred image without any hassles.

There is some free software which offers plain features, almost useless. And there is some paid software which offers premium features but the price is high.

Let’s look at the best free tools available in the market to unblur pictures.


Gimp is available for both Windows and macOS. It is the best tool to remove blur from any image. Using Gimp to unblur pictures will give you outstanding results. If you often need to fix blurred images then Gimp is the right pick for you.

How to use Gimp for removing blur from a picture?

  • Download and install Gimp on your computer.
  • Open Gimp. Next, click the File button and select “open” or you can open the blurry picture by pressing “Ctrl+O”.
  • Once the image loads completely, click the ” Tools” button, select Paint tools, and finally, select “Blur/Sharpen”.
  • Drag the mouse over the image to sharpen it.
  • Save the image by clicking the “File” tool and select “Save”

You can also unblur an image by dragging the mouse with a click. Do whatever you wish and once you get the desired result you can save the image to your computer.

Unblur image using paint

Fix your blurred image using Paint which is a free photo editing tool. Visit their website and download the program to your Windows PC.

How to clean up a blurry picture using paint.net?

  • Open the program after installing it on your PC.
  • From the toolbox click the File tool and select “Open” to open the blurred image you wish to change.
  • Next, from the toolbox select Effects > picture > Sharpen.
  • Move the slider to the right to sharpen the image or move it to the left to blur the image. Next, click OK and save it.

Unblur image on Mac using Blurity

Unlike Gimp, Blurity is a paid program for mac users. Simple to use with exclusive features. This program allows a free trial, however, you might not like the output image. The free version leaves a watermark over the processed picture.

How to use Blurity to deblur a blurry photo?

  • Download and install the program on your Mac device.
  • On the top left side of the screen, you’ll see “Open image…”. Open the image you wish to deblur.
  • Next, choose the area you want to deblur and change the parameters shown on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the process button and save the processed image.

Snapseed – photo editing app for both Android and iOS platforms.

How to deblur a blurry photo using Snapseed?

  • Download the app from the play store or any other app store.
  • Open the app after installing it on your phone.
  • Allow snapseed to access photos, media, and files on your device.
  • Open the image you wish to edit
  • Select TOOLS > Details> Sharpen
  • Increase the details of the image by using structure.
  • Once the changes are done, tap on the tick icon on the bottom right corner and save it.

Use Fotor and Photo sharpen online tools to deblur your blurry pictures.

There’s no need to download and install any program on your computer. Fotor and Photo sharpen are free photo editing online tools.

How to use Fotor for fixing blurred images?

  • Open your web browser and visit Fotor.com
  • Click the ” Edit a photo” button
  • Next, click “Open” to select an image you wish to deblur.
  • Go to Adjust> Basic adjust
  • Increase the sharpness level.
  • Click on Export from the toolbox on the top to save the image.
  • You can use a temporary mail address to sign up.

How to use Photo Sharpen for fixing blurred images?

Photo Sharpen is the simplest free photo editing tool. If you need to only sharpen your picture then photo sharpen is the best pick.

  1. Visit Photo-Sharpen.com
  2. Select the blurry image you wish to deblur and click the sharpen button
  3. You will get the sharpened image within a few moments.

Photo Sharpen offers no other editing features like Fotor. It simply sharpens and deblurs the blurry image.


The top 5 ways to unblur images are discussed here. These online/offline tools and apps are safe and reliable.
Online tools – Fotor, Photo Sharpen.
Offline tools – Gimp, Paint, Blurity, Snapseed.

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