If you are an architect, you must have been using some software to create your designs. But, do you know there are a lot of mobile applications for Architects which you can use as a professional or an intermediate Architect.

Well, if you have a smartphone, you have an access to the internet and various other resources which can help you grow. As an Architect, you can make use of your device in a positive manner.

Whether you are active in any specific domain of architecture, there are numerous apps to choose from.

To help you more with this, I have created a list of the best Apps for Architects you should use in 2021. So, without any further discussions, let’s get started.

List of Best Android and iOS Apps For Architects

AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor

AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor is one of the latest and recently updated apps for architectures with incredible features.

You can measure while you are on the site, annotate architecture sketches with images along with share those designs with your other teammate directly with the help of your Smartphone.

However, the pro version of this application comes with excellent features and unbeatable editing capabilities currently on a reasonable price range of about $4.99 per month.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

Magicplan [For Measuring, Reporting, and Estimating]

Magicplan is a multipurpose app suitable for both professional Architects as well as the students. With this app, you can scan rooms and create floor plans.

The app also allows you to calculate the estimates for the desired job. Also, it will help you to create floor plans with its sketching tools. You can also make 3D models using this app.

With this app, you can create a separate report for each project and add all your sketches, photos, 360-degree videos into it. This app has an impressive UI. And these features make this app one of the best apps for Architects.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is another creation from Autodesk that presents exciting features. It is a totally free photo editing tool that is designed with robust features that will not ever experience before.

Moreover, those individuals can’t use this application with standard software in their Smartphone because it is a top-notch application that requires an updated version of the software and smooth running.

The fantastic feature of overlays and masks will offer a professional touch to the usual architectural drawings.

With the assistance of its Focal Blur and Color Splash, you can add an eye-catchy style in the photographs.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

SketchUp Viewer

This app basically helps you to open your 3D files on your mobile devices. You can open files from Trimble Connect, 3D Warehouse, and other locations. The app has a clean UI by which it becomes easy to navigate through your files.

You can set custom screens and animation to view your animation from any angle. If you use its in-app purchase ($9.99/year), you will be able to use its 3D in AR features. This feature will allow you to see your 3D models combined with the real world.

The app offers a clean view of your models and you can navigate easily using the zoom, pan, and orbiting gestures. There are various other amazing features you would definitely love in this app as an Architect.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

Room Scan Pro

Room Scan Pro is an incredible app in which all your need to create a floor plan in your Smartphone.

Generally, it is an application that offers you the creation of a floor plan of the entire room within a couple of minutes just by using a Smartphone.

Locometric presents this application for providing the best experience to architectures.

The best part is that it is designed with a simple to use and user-friendly features by which anyone can create a floor plan by just tapping on the phone to every adjoining wall showing on the screen.

However, every update of this application includes incredible features in which you can draw stairs, exterior along a garden.

Download from App Store(iOS).

BIMx – BIM eXplorer [View your ARCHICAD Models]

This app is made for those who want to view their ARCHICAD models on their mobile devices. The app is equipped with its BIMX Hyper-model technology which will help you to navigate 3D building models and drawing sheets.

The main use of this app is to show your ARCHICAD models to the clients and teams using your mobile device.

So, as an Architect, you can definitely make use of this app if you often work on ARCHICAD.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

Magic Plan

MagicPlan is one of the robust rivals of Room Scan. It is also designed to draw interior building sketches, but the thing that makes it different from other apps is that you can use its procedure only with the use of pictures.

Under this procedure, you don’t need to place your phone on walls for measurement, rather simply, you have to stand in the middle of the room, and the device will detect the measurement of each corner, window, doors, and finally provide a plan.

However, the pan provided by the application will 95% approved by professional architectures. It is an ideal app for architects that offer them quick feasibility and complete accuracy.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

Floor Plan Creator

As the name suggests, this app is the best pick if you want to create amazing floor plans and the overall interiors using your mobile phone. You can design multiple rooms inside your plan in various shapes. This app will help you to customize the size, shape, and design of your rooms easily.

You can also use S-Pen and mouse to have precise control options. Also, once your model is ready, you can use 3D tour mode to show your project to others just by using your smartphone.

The app has an inbuilt library of various symbols including doors, windows, furniture, fire, electrical equipment, etc. Because of these and various other features, this app becomes the best pick for Architects and Engineers.

Download from Google Play Store.


ArchiSnapper is an amazing architecture design app that is highly used by people across the whole world. As we know, creating a report of fields after visiting is quite a boring and time-consuming task.

At that moment, ArchiSnapper comes with its incredible features that offer you an intelligent way to get field reports.

It is highly a time-saving application for architectures along with getting professionalism in work.

This application allows you to insert a photograph, drawing, annotate, or direct comment on the Smartphone, and then just with one click, you can get a complete field report with an accurate analysis.

This application will provide you accurate digitizing, organization, and classification of data and then sync it to the cloud.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

Sun Seeker [Compass, Sunset/Sunrise Tracker]

With this app, you can easily analyze the spatial variability of the Sun. This app offers a sun-like dial that you can easily use as a sun tracker app. So, as an Architect, this app can help you a lot to find the sun path, direction, and exposure.

The app uses a magnetometer, GPS, and gyroscope to give you the accurate position of the Sun. You can see Sun’s current position using its 3D AR camera overlay. Even if you are not on the approached location, you can add a manual location. The app supports more than 40K cities.

Download from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

I hope you have found this article helpful to find the best android and iOS apps for Architects. if you also want to create a captivating design for your building, then made a selection from these impressive applications and enjoy professionalism with perfect work. If you feel like we missed any good application in the list, do mention it in the comments below. Consider sharing your views in the comment section.

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