Facebook gives you the option to share posts that catch your fancy while Twitter has its retweet option; but what about Instagram? I don’t see any option to take someone else’s post and share it to my personal feed. The app design doesn’t allow “repost”, so Insta users have had to work around the bush and use apps for reposting on Instagram to share content that they like with their friends.

So how to handle this problem of content for Instagram. As you have seen on Instagram many Instagrammers repost content of other relevant accounts whether it is a travel Instagram account, recipe, blogging, technology, etc.

You can also repost from other Instagram accounts and maintain the continuity of content for your Instagram accounts to maintain the regularity on your Instagram account. So here we are going to show you some best repost apps for Instagram. You can use these repost Instagram apps and can manage your different accounts properly.

Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram is a solid contender for android and ios users. With this app, all you do is scroll your feed to find something you like. Once you’ve found a post you want to share, you simply copy the share URL and post it into repost. From there, you can change the position of the attribution watermark and then #repost it in your Instagram feed.

It automatically gives credit to the original poster as well so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting upset.

Repost for Instagram Regrann

This repost app for Instagram is in the second position in downloads and popularity. The UI of the app is so simple and easy to use. The app doesn’t provide many features but it can be very useful regarding your repost problem for Instagram accounts.

You will get a video on how to use this repost app for Instagram you will understand to use the app properly and easily.

Save and Repost for Instagram

This handy little app lets you download Instagram photos and videos to your own library with one simple tap. From there you can crop images and repost them on your own feed.

The app automatically organizes your photos and videos by chronological order so you can quickly find what you’re looking for as well.

The main difference for saving and repost is that it backs your feed up to their cloud-based servers so you can access it from anywhere and restore your Instagram to an older version if desired.

But the drawback is that it’s only available for android users right now.

Easy Repost

Easy Repost is one of the fastest app ways to repost one’s picture or videos on Instagram making it the best Instagram repost app android and iOS.

It’s recently revamped version makes it one of the best Instagram Repost apps. Not just reposting, you can also go ahead and save the image without any restriction.

Isn’t that cool?

The basic app is free but it also contains in-app purchases.

Repost Whiz for Instagram for iOS

It is another best repost app for Instagram for iOS. The working of this app is that you can download the posts directly and can share them instantly on your account. You can download it for your iPhone and iPad also.

The free version of this app contains advertisements but if you buy it from the app store and enjoy the ad-free experience.

Repost and Save for Instagram

This isn’t our favorite app but still worthy of mentioning. It allows you to repost Instagram stories which isn’t as easy with the other apps and it lets you share the photos/videos. However, this is a very basic Instagram reposting app that makes you buy the full version to unlock even the more generic features.

What we like about the app is that, as soon as you log in, it shows you the feeds of people you follow. This makes it super easy to quickly grab something and repost it to your Instagram feed without the back and forth stuff. It also shows you their videos and stories so you can repost them – and it gives attribution automatically.

Story Saver and Downloader for Instagram – InStore

Instore is a super useful tool for Instagram and IGTV as well. Story saver and video downloader for Instagram all in one app. You can generate hashtags for your Instagram posts, reels, or videos with this app and captions as well by just uploading your picture.

Top AI-based tool for IG creators, artists, photographers, and influencers to post quickly post on Instagram with the most trendy keywords and hashtags for their posts.

Repost via Instant

Repost for InstagramRepost via Instant is one of the best Instagram reposting app available for Android and iPhone users. With a single click instantly you will be allowed to repost photos and/or videos.

This reposting app comes with a significantly small app size, you can also enjoy sharing not just a single media file but a bunch of them.

With organized features and fast delivery, this one is a must-have in the category of best regram app.

Repost – Photo and Video Download and Save

Photo & Video Download And SaveRepost is the oldest as well as one most original app to repost and regram photos and videos from Instagram.

One of the best repost app for Instagram videos this one has a 4.5 rating in the play store. Without any app watermark and the freedom to edit the post before editing, the rating looks more than justified for this app.

With a free download and interactive interface, it’s one of the best Instagram Repost apps.


One of the best repost app for Instagram with a play store rating of 4.3. You can directly save as well as repost videos/photos on Instagram without having to copy from URL, thus making it one of the best Instagram Repost apps.

Stop jiggling between two apps when you can repost, scroll the feed and download images & videos from one!

We have enlisted all the Instagram Repost apps in our know-how, If you know of any other apps for reposting on Instagram, do let us know in the comments section below. Happy reposting!

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